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RICS Home Surveys From only £349*

Research shows that many of us are still purchasing homes without commissioning the most appropriate survey and relying solely on the mortgage valuation report.....

Understanding Surveys

There are three essential levels of inspection carried out on residential property:

Rics Homebery report use

RICS Homebuyer Report from £349*

rics building survey

RICS Building Survey from £399*

Rics Homebery report use

RICS Homebuyer (Survey) & (Survey with Valuation) from £349*

This report and valuation is produced in a format prescribed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and provides a clear and concise document identifying any significant defects evident within a property.

The RICS Home Buyers Survey & Valuation is generally intended for houses, flats and bungalows of conventional construction, which are in reasonable condition and built after 1900. The survey assesses both the exterior and interior of the property and also includes a market valuation of the property, as well as an indicated reinstatement value (Insurance Reinstatement Valuation).


In summary the report should provide: Details of the general condition and particular features of the property; Condition rating for elements of the structure of the building; the services and any garages and permanent out buildings; Particular aspects that should be referred to your legal advisors; Specific risks associated with the property; Other relevant considerations – for example the location, the local environment and the energy performance of the property (if this information is available)


The Report is generally intended to help you: Make a reasoned and informed decision on whether or not to proceed with the purchase of the property; Make an informed decision on what is a reasonable price to pay for the property;Take account of any repairs or replacements the property needs; and Consider what other advice to take before exchanging contracts.


CDA Charted Building Surveyors offer the RICS Homebuyers Survey & Valuation Report, starting from only £349 and it could be the wisest money you have ever spent.

rics building survey

RICS Building Survey from £399*

The Building Survey (formerly referred to as a Structural Survey) is suitable for all types of residential properties and provides a detailed outline of a properties construction and condition. This particular survey is beneficial if the property is, for example: of unusual construction; is dilapidated; or has been extensively altered or where a major conversion or renovation is planned. The report includes information on construction and materials as well as details of the whole range of defects, major to minor.


The Building Survey is a much more detailed report than the Homebuyer Survey & Valuation and can be carried out on any type or age of property. It is usually instructed where a purchaser wishes to know about both serious and more general important repair and maintenance items. It will unlike the RICS Homebuyer Survey, give detailed advice about more minor defects that will require attention as part of future maintenance and consequently help the property purchaser to plan any future maintenance programme and deal with defects over a period of time.


The Building Survey is more commonly requested by individuals purchasing large or period properties or where one suspects or knows of serious defects. The report tends to provide more detailed information and comments than the Homebuyer Survey on current major and minor repair items as well as future maintenance items.


The report will offer detailed comments on the building internally and externally; the services as well as the site. It is divided into sections providing advice on significant defects and more general maintenance items as well as less serious minor defects affecting: walls; roof; floors; ceilings; damp course; rainwater goods; windows/joinery; chimneys; kitchen and bathroom fittings; general comments are given about the services including the gas, electrical, heating and drains. Comments will be given about outbuildings, gardens and fences and boundary walls. It also includes an indication of costs reflecting any serious repairs needed and this may allow you to renegotiate the purchase price.


The price of a Report will dictated by age, size and sometimes location with prices generally starting from £399* which is a relatively small outlay for a quality report.

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