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Strategic Maintenance

Maintenance generally falls into two distinct categories, reactive and planned. The skill in advising on maintenance results in clearly identifying a defect, assessing its cause, gauging the seriousness of the problem and the likely extent of consequential work if the defect is not attended to immediately.

Planned Maintenance schedules can act as a valuable tool in financial management in planning the works to ensure that adequate financial provisions are allocated in the attempt to not suffer large fluctuations in outgoings, nor to budget for a high dilapidations claim at the end of the lease.


CDA Surveyors can provide advice on the condition of a property and its future maintenance liability. We can undertake a visual inspection of your property to identify serious hazards and defects and prepare a report to help you to prioritise and plan essential repairs, and obtain estimates for the work required.


CDA Surveyors can prepare a planned maintenance programme and encourage preventative cost effective maintenance. It is not a full structural survey of the property but it will identify repairs that require attention. The surveyor can provide general advice on options available to finance repairs and how to employ a reputable contractor.

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